How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

One of the major challenge blog owners face is finding the right monetizing channel. This is where advertising network and other methods of monetization comes in.

Google Adsense is well known, but sometimes the approval does not come. Then we have to consider other alternatives available.

We are reviewing one of the best Google Adsense alternative, Propeller Ad network.

Propeller Ads Network was established in 2011 and they have grown to be one of the largest ad networks we have around today.

A lot of publishers are currently using PropellerAds and you can find a lot of good comments concerning this great ad network even on social media platforms.

So, let’s get to know what working with this company is like.



PropellerAds does not have any minimum requirements. Even new websites with barely one thousand page views daily are accepted. To join this ad network, you must have a custom domain name.

The signup process is quite simple, as no approval process is required. You just head over to propeller ads network website. Sign Up Here.

After signing up you add your site and verify. Quite a simple process which is highly commendable from this ad network.



-Pop-under ads

-Banner ads of various sizes

-Direct links


-Direct Ads

-Native Subscription (Push Notification)


Over the years, PropellerAds has tried to make receiving of earnings easy for publishers. This they have done by bringing more payment methods and reducing minimum payout depending on the payment method.

Update of your earning is real-time which you can check on the go.

With Propeller Ads innovative idea of allowing publishers to monetize nearly all pieces of their blog like social media pages, games, browser extension, etc getting to the minimum payout which is really low on some payment method won’t be a problem.

Also, with their special algorithm that matches an advertisement with the current website contents, publishers are at more advantage.



-PayPal: Minimum payout is $5 paid every Thursday of the week (NET 7).

-Payoneer Prepaid Card: Minimum payout for the first withdrawal is $100 after that it’s just $25 every month (NET 30).

-Skrill: Minimum payout for the first withdrawal is $100 after that it’s just $25 every month (NET 30)

-Wire Transfer: The minimum payout is $550 paid every 30 days (NET 30).

After updating your payment method and setting minimum payout, your earning is paid to you automatically as at when due.

In case you are new to earning from ad networks, you may not receive the exact amount earning due to some charges by your payment method. Like in the case of wire transfer, $50 is charged for a $1000 payment.


Customer Care:

Their customer support line is really reliable as you are likely to get a prompt response every time you need to be it a publisher or advertiser. You can reach them through the “Contact Page” on their site.

The site is multi-lingual which can be really helpful if you’re English is not so good.


Referral Program:

The PropellerAds referral program is one of them for an ad company. You could make a pretty good income if you get people to sign up through your affiliate link. This shouldn’t be difficult especially as Propeller Ads is growing in popularity.

You earn 5{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} of the total earning generated by your referral not just once but for life. That’s great.


CONCLUSION: Propeller ads network is one of the best ad networks for small and large publishers to monetize their blog.

Are you still worried whether they are safe? Yes. They are totally free from malware and viruses. A lot of publishers are currently using them and making money from them.

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