How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

One of the major challenge blog owners face is finding the right monetizing channel. This is where advertising network and other methods of monetization comes in.

Google Adsense is well known, but sometimes the approval does not come. Then we have to consider other alternatives available.

We are reviewing one of the best Google Adsense alternative, Propeller Ad network.

Propeller Ads Network was established in 2011 and they have grown to be one of the largest ad networks we have around today.

A lot of publishers are currently using PropellerAds and you can find a lot of good comments concerning this great ad network even on social media platforms.

So, let’s get to know what working with this company is like.



PropellerAds does not have any minimum requirements. Even new websites with barely one thousand page views daily are accepted. To join this ad network, you must have a custom domain name.

The signup process is quite simple, as no approval process is required. You just head over to propeller ads network website. Sign Up Here.

After signing up you add your site and verify. Quite a simple process which is highly commendable from this ad network.



-Pop-under ads

-Banner ads of various sizes

-Direct links


-Direct Ads

-Native Subscription (Push Notification)


Over the years, PropellerAds has tried to make receiving of earnings easy for publishers. This they have done by bringing more payment methods and reducing minimum payout depending on the payment method.

Update of your earning is real-time which you can check on the go.

With Propeller Ads innovative idea of allowing publishers to monetize nearly all pieces of their blog like social media pages, games, browser extension, etc getting to the minimum payout which is really low on some payment method won’t be a problem.

Also, with their special algorithm that matches an advertisement with the current website contents, publishers are at more advantage.



-PayPal: Minimum payout is $5 paid every Thursday of the week (NET 7).

-Payoneer Prepaid Card: Minimum payout for the first withdrawal is $100 after that it’s just $25 every month (NET 30).

-Skrill: Minimum payout for the first withdrawal is $100 after that it’s just $25 every month (NET 30)

-Wire Transfer: The minimum payout is $550 paid every 30 days (NET 30).

After updating your payment method and setting minimum payout, your earning is paid to you automatically as at when due.

In case you are new to earning from ad networks, you may not receive the exact amount earning due to some charges by your payment method. Like in the case of wire transfer, $50 is charged for a $1000 payment.


Customer Care:

Their customer support line is really reliable as you are likely to get a prompt response every time you need to be it a publisher or advertiser. You can reach them through the “Contact Page” on their site.

The site is multi-lingual which can be really helpful if you’re English is not so good.


Referral Program:

The PropellerAds referral program is one of them for an ad company. You could make a pretty good income if you get people to sign up through your affiliate link. This shouldn’t be difficult especially as Propeller Ads is growing in popularity.

You earn 5{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} of the total earning generated by your referral not just once but for life. That’s great.


CONCLUSION: Propeller ads network is one of the best ad networks for small and large publishers to monetize their blog.

Are you still worried whether they are safe? Yes. They are totally free from malware and viruses. A lot of publishers are currently using them and making money from them.

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How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

Joomta Reviews: 5 Reasons Why Joomta Is Not Good For You

Joomta Reviews: Is Joomta Legit Or a Scam: 5 Reasons Why Joomta Is Not Good For You

The reason why I decided to talk about this latest online money making venture called Joomta that claim to pay up-to N40,000 monthly to its members is to enlighten you on the many kinds of make money online scheme and also how to identify the legit ones and the ones that are meant to scam you of your time, money, data, and efforts.


Is Joomta a scam or legit online business?


joomta reviews

While I will not directly tell you to point blank that Joomta is a Scam website, I have a few reasons why I think you should not risk your time and energy on the Joomta website.


Reasons Why You Should Not register for Joomta


No email verification or any form of verification of identity

Before writing this review on Joomta, I, first of all, visit the site and sign up with a fake identity and what amazed is that there was no any kind of verification. No email verification was required. I mean for a site offering a deal of this magnitude, verification of identity should be their topmost priorities.

That shows that they don’t give a hoot about who you are, they only want to use you as a means to an end.


No concrete Joomta proof of payment

Though they claimed to have paid people in December, January, and February there seemed to be no any evidence of payment, screenshots or whatever.

All the did on the site is generating a fake list of people who they claimed were paid previously. No contact information at least one would have tried establishing contact with any of the beneficiaries to ascertain the authenticity of the scheme.


More to that, upon how popular this program has gotten over the past few days, I have not seen anybody that has admitted to having received payment.


All are hearsay.


Registration is free for Joomta

This is another aspect that confirms to me that there is something wrong with this Joomta project.


With my many years of experience in the online making money business, I know that it is not feasible for a refer and earn program of this nature to start up without requiring any form of an initial registration fee.

They claim they make money from Pop Ads but the push notification advert that pops up cannot pay one-third of the people joining the program.


Since they are not asking you for any money, all they need is your effort in getting more referrals who will also rake in tons of referrals and their ads are being clicked by you and the people you refer in the process.

If you get to the threshold, all the will do is wipe your account and you can not do anything about it.


The Website Owner’s Data is hidden

A check on the online business scam review website scamadviser has also shown that the persons that registered the site hide their identity so that the public can not recognize them.


In addition to that, the site failed woefully on the vital requirements.

See photo below…

The site is not designed to stay for a long time

Apart from the registration, information on the site, the site is just empty and can not be compared to other refer and earn sites like and lots of them out there.


How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

HIWAP review: Make N300,000 Bonus Monthly Writing Health Articles

HIWAP Review

HIWAP review: Make N300,000 Monthly Writing Health Articles

HIWAP review & Registration. A Step by step guide to HealthIsWealth.NG Registration

Since the StackAgents YouTube program stopped paying, many people have asked me to introduce them to any other paying online money making opportunity that works.

For this reason, I am here to write about a new refer and earn commission program in Nigeria called HIWAP (HEALTH IS WEALTH AFFILIATE PROGRAM).


What Is HIWAP?


Is the name HIWAP strange to you or have you heard it somewhere before?


Well, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am about to show you how you can be able to make N300,000 monthly by writing articles and or referring your friends and family to join the program.


As earlier noted, HIWAP is an acronym for Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program.


Who Is The Founder Of HIWAP?

The program was founded by Samuel Joy, a renowned human nutritionist and personal health consultant. He also partnered with Paul Samson PSO who is an online marketing expert and the founder of the popular


HIWAP Review: Registration & How It Works

Having known a little about Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program, let’s go straight to how to register for HIWAP and start making money daily.

Click on the link Here to register

You will be taken straight to their website where you need to register your new account.

Click “Register” on the top left side if you are on a PC. If you are on a mobile phone then you should click the menu button to reveal the “Register”.

Follow the steps below to perform your registration correctly.

Once you are done filling your personal details, make sure you did that accurately then submit.

Check your email for an activation instruction.

Click on the link sent to your email and finally your account is activated.

Upgrade Your HIWAP Account

First of all, you are required to pay a one time fee of ₦2,000 which they call investment/product purchase/membership fee.

After registering and upgrading your account you will now qualify to earn ₦1,000 per article you write.

You also have the opportunity of earning 50{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} direct referral commission for introducing your friends and family to take part in this opportunity.

You will earn 25{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} indirect commission from your sub referral and

10{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} matching bonus when your referrals complete their circle every time.

How To Make Payment

To upgrade your account and start enjoying all the benefits mentioned above, login to your account, on the dashboard area, click on upgrade as shown by the red arrow on the image below…

You will be then taken to a new secured window where you will make payment through Nigeria’s number one payment solution PayStack.

Fill in the required details i.e your first and last name, your email, phone number, the amount is N2000, your user id and username. The click “Pay Now”

You can also upgrade your account by purchasing e-pin but I recommend you use this method as you are surer and will get information to upgrade your account automatically.

The more article you write, the more you earn ₦1,000 per article. If you can be able to write ten articles daily which is very possible and simple to do, that means you will be able to earn ₦10,000 daily by writing for HIWAP.

The more direct referral, the more you earn (₦1,000 per referral), the more circle, the more indirect referral commission.



Guide To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

Join Glo Affiliate Program Today & Earn As A Mobile Money Agent



There are many opportunities to make money on the internet. These opportunities don’t come all the time and it is usually designed in such a way that the early people to join smiles majorly to the bank while latecomers might find themselves struggling to earn.

Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program Is new and currently paying and that is why I did this HIWAP Review so that you can join and be among the early earners!!

How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

StackAgents Review: Watch YouTube Video And Get Paid

StackAgents Review

StackAgents Review: Watch YouTube Video And Get Paid

StackAgents is a YouTube video monetization platform that serves monetized YouTube videos for people to watch and get paid. They do this through their YouTube channel.


StackAgents have a program that enables you to watch your favorite YouTube videos and still get paid depending on the number of videos you are able to watch daily. It has been proven that one can make up-to 1million naira monthly by watching videos and referring people to join the network.

Join Glo Affiliate Program Today & Earn As A Mobile Money Agent

StackAgents have two ways in which you can earn money from the program.


Earn Money By Watching YouTube videos:

This allows you to earn money simply by login to your account daily to watch YouTube videos through the StackAgents platform.

In this section, you get paid monthly according to the number of videos you watch.

It is simple, as you watch YouTube videos through StackAgents YouTube channel, they are paid monthly by YouTube and they share their monthly revenue with you depending on how many videos you were able to watch.


Earn By Referring People To Register On StackAgents:

You earn up to N2500 per each active user you refer and that means if you are able to refer 100 active users a month, you will earn N250,000.

You can earn referral bonuses even if your account has not been activated yet as long as your referrals activate their accounts. However, your subdomain/website will not be active. E.g if your username is ‘sample’, your subdomain/website ‘’ will not load.


How Does StackAgents Work:

As you already know, there are two ways you can earn from the system, either by watching videos and by referring people to register and watch videos.

Registration is free but to be able to earn money from watching YouTube videos, you need to activate your account with a minimum of N5000 in which a certain number of YouTube videos will be made available for you to watch depending on the plan you opted in for.

Once you register, a custom website will be created for you where you will always visit to find the available videos to watch daily. You can also share the link to your site with your friends to help you watch videos in case you are not disposed to.

It is also not compulsory that you must finish the video before you earn. After 59 seconds the video is marked as ‘Watched’. This means you have earned your N100 after 59secs.

Payment & Withdrawal:

StackAgents utilizes three payment gateways to make sure both your deposit and withdrawal go smoothly without any hitch.

To activate or upgrade your account, you pay either by using your credit or debit card through a secured payment gateway called Paystack.

You can also pay with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, etc, PayPal payment is also available. You can also pay through direct deposit to their bank account.


You can withdraw your Referral bonuses anytime as soon as you reach N5000. But earnings from videos can only be withdrawn after 30days from activation and you can withdraw any amount.

You can withdraw your bonus via direct payment to your bank account.

Register Now And Start Earning 

The difference between a rich man and the poor is that the rich man finds opportunity and takes action immediately but the poor man will always procrastinate.

Avail your self this golden opportunity, REGISTER NOW

To get more clarification on how StackAgents work, you can watch the video below carefully for full understanding.

You can also contact the number on their support page if you get confused and you need assistance


How To Make More Money With Propeller Ads Network

How To Make Extra Money From Your Blog Working With Fomo Ads

 Is The Best Alternative To Adsense If You Want To Make Money With Your Blog

Note: This Post Is Meant For Bloggers & Site Owners Only:

Every blogger tends to rely on Adsense to monetize their site because they seem to have a better rate compared to other ad networks but the problem bloggers encounter with it is the strictness.

If you are a blogger or you own a website, here is another alternative that will make you forget about Adsense and their many troubles!

This new ad network I discovered is called  and you can make an unimaginable amount of money using it on your blog…

How To Make Money From Your Blog Working With  Ads

Unlike other Ad Networks, it is very easy to get started with Fomo Ad; First of all, you need to SIGN UP and insert their code into the header section of your site. It is as simple as that…

How Fomo Ad Network Work

Fomo has a large number of advertisers justling for traffic from publishers around the world and they charge these advertisers on impression bases.

Publishers are paid per impression and that means you don’t have to worry about clicks! They pay you just for their ads appearing on your site…

According to Fomo’s founder Ryan Kulp, they pay publishers up to 2$ per 1000 impression and also pay 6$ – 10$ per 1000views… This is higher than what Adsense offer its publishers!! You can also make 10$ for every publisher that you refer!!

Fomo does not have any minimum payout, they pay you every month or immediately you cross the threshold of 100$… This means that if you are able to earn 100$ within a day or two, Fomo will pay you immediately!


Payment method is PayPal or Direct Deposit!

How To Integrate Fomo With WordPress

It is very easy to integrate Fomo Publisher Adnetwork with your WordPress site and you don’t need any coding ability to do this.

It is just the same way you integrate google analytics code to your site…

Get your snippet after signing up and head straight to your WordPress dashboard and simply follow the step on the picture below to drop it in your theme files above the closing </head> tag…