HIWAP review: Make N300,000 Bonus Monthly Writing Health Articles

HIWAP review: Make N300,000 Bonus Monthly Writing Health Articles

HIWAP Review

HIWAP review: Make N300,000 Monthly Writing Health Articles

HIWAP review & Registration. A Step by step guide to HealthIsWealth.NG Registration

Since the StackAgents YouTube program stopped paying, many people have asked me to introduce them to any other paying online money making opportunity that works.

For this reason, I am here to write about a new refer and earn commission program in Nigeria called HIWAP (HEALTH IS WEALTH AFFILIATE PROGRAM).


What Is HIWAP?


Is the name HIWAP strange to you or have you heard it somewhere before?


Well, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am about to show you how you can be able to make N300,000 monthly by writing articles and or referring your friends and family to join the program.


As earlier noted, HIWAP is an acronym for Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program.


Who Is The Founder Of HIWAP?

The program was founded by Samuel Joy, a renowned human nutritionist and personal health consultant. He also partnered with Paul Samson PSO who is an online marketing expert and the founder of the popular nnu.ng.


HIWAP Review: Registration & How It Works

Having known a little about Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program, let’s go straight to how to register for HIWAP and start making money daily.

Click on the link Here to register

You will be taken straight to their website where you need to register your new account.

Click “Register” on the top left side if you are on a PC. If you are on a mobile phone then you should click the menu button to reveal the “Register”.

Follow the steps below to perform your registration correctly.

Once you are done filling your personal details, make sure you did that accurately then submit.

Check your email for an activation instruction.

Click on the link sent to your email and finally your account is activated.

Upgrade Your HIWAP Account

First of all, you are required to pay a one time fee of ₦2,000 which they call investment/product purchase/membership fee.

After registering and upgrading your account you will now qualify to earn ₦1,000 per article you write.

You also have the opportunity of earning 50{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} direct referral commission for introducing your friends and family to take part in this opportunity.

You will earn 25{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} indirect commission from your sub referral and

10{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} matching bonus when your referrals complete their circle every time.

How To Make Payment

To upgrade your account and start enjoying all the benefits mentioned above, login to your account, on the dashboard area, click on upgrade as shown by the red arrow on the image below…

You will be then taken to a new secured window where you will make payment through Nigeria’s number one payment solution PayStack.

Fill in the required details i.e your first and last name, your email, phone number, the amount is N2000, your user id and username. The click “Pay Now”

You can also upgrade your account by purchasing e-pin but I recommend you use this method as you are surer and will get information to upgrade your account automatically.

The more article you write, the more you earn ₦1,000 per article. If you can be able to write ten articles daily which is very possible and simple to do, that means you will be able to earn ₦10,000 daily by writing for HIWAP.

The more direct referral, the more you earn (₦1,000 per referral), the more circle, the more indirect referral commission.



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There are many opportunities to make money on the internet. These opportunities don’t come all the time and it is usually designed in such a way that the early people to join smiles majorly to the bank while latecomers might find themselves struggling to earn.

Health Is Wealth Affiliate Program Is new and currently paying and that is why I did this HIWAP Review so that you can join and be among the early earners!!