Is The Best Alternative To Adsense If You Want To Make Money With Your Blog

Note: This Post Is Meant For Bloggers & Site Owners Only:

Every blogger tends to rely on Adsense to monetize their site because they seem to have a better rate compared to other ad networks but the problem bloggers encounter with it is the strictness.

If you are a blogger or you own a website, here is another alternative that will make you forget about Adsense and their many troubles!

This new ad network I discovered is called  and you can make an unimaginable amount of money using it on your blog…

How To Make Money From Your Blog Working With  Ads

Unlike other Ad Networks, it is very easy to get started with Fomo Ad; First of all, you need to SIGN UP and insert their code into the header section of your site. It is as simple as that…

How Fomo Ad Network Work

Fomo has a large number of advertisers justling for traffic from publishers around the world and they charge these advertisers on impression bases.

Publishers are paid per impression and that means you don’t have to worry about clicks! They pay you just for their ads appearing on your site…

According to Fomo’s founder Ryan Kulp, they pay publishers up to 2$ per 1000 impression and also pay 6$ – 10$ per 1000views… This is higher than what Adsense offer its publishers!! You can also make 10$ for every publisher that you refer!!

Fomo does not have any minimum payout, they pay you every month or immediately you cross the threshold of 100$… This means that if you are able to earn 100$ within a day or two, Fomo will pay you immediately!


Payment method is PayPal or Direct Deposit!

How To Integrate Fomo With WordPress

It is very easy to integrate Fomo Publisher Adnetwork with your WordPress site and you don’t need any coding ability to do this.

It is just the same way you integrate google analytics code to your site…

Get your snippet after signing up and head straight to your WordPress dashboard and simply follow the step on the picture below to drop it in your theme files above the closing </head> tag…