StackAgents Review

StackAgents Review: Watch YouTube Video And Get Paid

StackAgents is a YouTube video monetization platform that serves monetized YouTube videos for people to watch and get paid. They do this through their YouTube channel.


StackAgents have a program that enables you to watch your favorite YouTube videos and still get paid depending on the number of videos you are able to watch daily. It has been proven that one can make up-to 1million naira monthly by watching videos and referring people to join the network.

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StackAgents have two ways in which you can earn money from the program.


Earn Money By Watching YouTube videos:

This allows you to earn money simply by login to your account daily to watch YouTube videos through the StackAgents platform.

In this section, you get paid monthly according to the number of videos you watch.

It is simple, as you watch YouTube videos through StackAgents YouTube channel, they are paid monthly by YouTube and they share their monthly revenue with you depending on how many videos you were able to watch.


Earn By Referring People To Register On StackAgents:

You earn up to N2500 per each active user you refer and that means if you are able to refer 100 active users a month, you will earn N250,000.

You can earn referral bonuses even if your account has not been activated yet as long as your referrals activate their accounts. However, your subdomain/website will not be active. E.g if your username is ‘sample’, your subdomain/website ‘’ will not load.


How Does StackAgents Work:

As you already know, there are two ways you can earn from the system, either by watching videos and by referring people to register and watch videos.

Registration is free but to be able to earn money from watching YouTube videos, you need to activate your account with a minimum of N5000 in which a certain number of YouTube videos will be made available for you to watch depending on the plan you opted in for.

Once you register, a custom website will be created for you where you will always visit to find the available videos to watch daily. You can also share the link to your site with your friends to help you watch videos in case you are not disposed to.

It is also not compulsory that you must finish the video before you earn. After 59 seconds the video is marked as ‘Watched’. This means you have earned your N100 after 59secs.

Payment & Withdrawal:

StackAgents utilizes three payment gateways to make sure both your deposit and withdrawal go smoothly without any hitch.

To activate or upgrade your account, you pay either by using your credit or debit card through a secured payment gateway called Paystack.

You can also pay with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, etc, PayPal payment is also available. You can also pay through direct deposit to their bank account.


You can withdraw your Referral bonuses anytime as soon as you reach N5000. But earnings from videos can only be withdrawn after 30days from activation and you can withdraw any amount.

You can withdraw your bonus via direct payment to your bank account.

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To get more clarification on how StackAgents work, you can watch the video below carefully for full understanding.

You can also contact the number on their support page if you get confused and you need assistance