If you’re interested in starting a mini importation or dropshipping business, and you want to know the best cheap online shopping sites, then you’re gonna appreciate this post. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the best cheap online shopping sites for mini importation business,  dropshipping, or simply shopping.

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60% of people in the world today engage in online shopping or buy things online. In fact, Shopping on the internet is getting more popular every day thanks to growth of more and more e-Commerce and online shopping sites. 

In Online shopping sites, you get to see millions of products for various purposes. The more interesting fact about online shopping platforms is their fast shipping/delivery of products worldwide and their good reputation from customers’ reviews.

Yet, there is a downside of online shopping. 

Products in online shopping sites are not always be cheap,  compared to the price when you go to your local marketplace. 

This could be discouraging. 

That’s why we’ve made thorough research to come up with a detailed list of the best online shopping sites where you can still buy anything at a reasonable cheap price 

That’s not all. 

These sites are user-friendly, meaning they display perfectly on PC or mobile, so you can easily navigate and browse through what you want. Quality products and customer security. 

Let get right to it. 

Top Best Cheap Online Shopping Sites You Need to Know

1. 1688.com

Believe me.  This is the one of the best cheap online shopping sites you can ever shop in. 

1688 is a Chinese based online shopping site where you can buy wholesale or single products at a relatively cheap rate. 

However, the site language is Chinese so you will have to access the website with Google Chrome browser that translates the Chinese to English. 

Also, you will need an agent to ship the package down to your country because 1688 doesn’t ship to foreign countries.

Payments are made with RBM currency.

2. AliExpress.com

AliExpress is an online marketplace owned by Alibaba with millions of products at a cheap rate. 

It has grown in popularity over the last few years and people patronize the site daily to shop.

But in AliExpress, you can shop and pay via widely accepted currencies and get it delivered to you.

AliExpress is our best recommendation for cheap online shopping sites. 

  1. Banggood.com

Banggood is a Chinese-American based online shopping site with over 70,000 products on offer. In Banggood, you can sell any product bought online.

With Banggood.com, you enjoy;

An affiliate program, allowing you to make money with the site

Free or cheap shipping

Credit card, PayPal, and Boleto payment options

Professional customer service

Direct dropshipping

No minimum order quantities

Moreso, for any product you buy, you have a three-day guarantee to return any damaged item bought from the store.

4. Gearbest.com

Gearbest is a online marketplace to shop with a wide variety of products, fast shipping, return policy and many more.

With their “shipping insurance” offer, you get an additional one dollar when you purchase an item from them. There is also a free shipping option which could take between 21 to 30 days to arrive at your location.

5. Dealextreme (dx.com)

This is another site with up to 100,000+ products sold at cheap rates and 3,000+ suppliers worldwide.

Their product line includes consumer electronics, phone and accessories,, automobiles and motorcycle, tools, home and office, security and appliances, toys and hobbies, lights and lighting, computer, sports and outdoor, apparel and watches, beauty and health, hairs extensions, shoes, and Bags.

6. TechBargains.com

If you love buying gadgets,  then Techbargains is the best  cheap online shopping site you can buy quality gadgets products from.  

When you find a product in techBargains; you just add to cart, pay, and get it shipped to you.


So there you have it.. 

The Top Best Cheap Online Shopping Sites You Need to Know. 

Browse through these website and find out the ones that suits you best and be happy shopping online.