6 Business You Can Start Without Capital In Nigeria

Business You Can Start Without Capital In Nigeria

Nigeria is a fast growing economy, a lot of entrepreneurs spring up daily! This is not unconnected to the hardship imposed mostly by the government this is why every Nigerian youth should be thinking of starting their own business instead of looking up to the government for employment that is not forthcoming.

Starting Up a business in Nigeria can be very hard for a lot of people due to lack of the initial capital needed in order to start up a profiting business!

While this is true in most cases, there are still businesses one can decide to venture into that doesn’t require much capital or doesn’t require capital at all to start up.

All that is required to start a business most times is the skills you have and your commitment and determination to succeed in the said business…

Below is a lucrative business in Nigeria that doesn’t require capital to start…

Firewood Business

The business that involves cutting down trees, breaking them into small logs used for making fire for cooking. The option might sound strange and awkward to some fellow but the fact is that it is a very lucrative business especially for people in the rural and suburban settlements.

You can find people doing this business in some states in Northern Nigeria. Interaction with some women into firewood business revealed that one can actually make up to Ten Thousand Naira daily just by shedding wood and selling to local restaurant owners, bread baking industries, etc… The only thing you need here is probably a basin and an ax which you can even borrow from your neighbors.

In the rural areas where their source of energy for cooking is firewood, Firewood business is a goldmine for individuals who are courageous enough to venture into it.

While doing firewood business, you can save enough money to fend for yourself and still save enough money to use as capital in case you want to start up another business in the future.