Join Glo Affiliate Program Today & Earn As A Mobile Money Agent

Join Glo Affiliate Program Today & Earn As A Mobile Money Agent


Join Glo Affiliate Program Today & Earn As A Mobile Money Agent In Nigeria

Glo Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program developed by Nigerian telecommunication giant Globacom. It is aimed at enabling Glo subscribers to earn cool cash by marketing products.

For the benefit of those who might not know what affiliate marketing is, I will explain to you in a lay man’s word what affiliate marketing is all about.

Affiliate Marketing is a system set by a business in such a way that it gives a reward to individuals who market and successfully convince other people to patronize their products. The affiliate marketer here needs to put in some extra marketing effort to be able to attract patronage to the company or business it is affiliated to.

In the case of Glo Affiliate Program, you are actually going to sign up to become its mobile money agent and that will fetch a lot of cool cash and it is very simple to join.

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As a mobile money agent, your main work will be to offer registrations, offer mobile money services, involving cash in and cash out plus selling of airtime, data and also bill payments.

Mobile money agency in Nigeria today has proven to be a very lucrative venture especially as a lot of people in rural areas, especially adults… about 55{dcc7ab864d94478d8ab11b9d25251471003a05164918104013d5f176a95ffc15} don’t have access to real financial activities like banking.

If you join the Glo Affiliate Program and become their mobile money agent, you will have a lot of benefits that range from earning extra income from transaction generated from mobile money, benefit from the globally recognized brand association and many more benefits you will find out later on…

What Are The Requirements To Join Glo Affiliate Program?

First of all, to be eligible to join the affiliate program, you must own a registered Glo sim card, then you also need a smartphone, You must be active on social media to be able to reach many people too.

How Do I Sign Up For Glo Affiliate Program

It is very simple and straight to the point. All you need to do is follow the link HERE and fill in your information as requested on their website.