Joomta Reviews: 5 Reasons Why Joomta Is Not Good For You

Joomta Reviews: 5 Reasons Why Joomta Is Not Good For You

Joomta Reviews: Is Joomta Legit Or a Scam: 5 Reasons Why Joomta Is Not Good For You

The reason why I decided to talk about this latest online money making venture called Joomta that claim to pay up-to N40,000 monthly to its members is to enlighten you on the many kinds of make money online scheme and also how to identify the legit ones and the ones that are meant to scam you of your time, money, data, and efforts.


Is Joomta a scam or legit online business?


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While I will not directly tell you to point blank that Joomta is a Scam website, I have a few reasons why I think you should not risk your time and energy on the Joomta website.


Reasons Why You Should Not register for Joomta


No email verification or any form of verification of identity

Before writing this review on Joomta, I, first of all, visit the site and sign up with a fake identity and what amazed is that there was no any kind of verification. No email verification was required. I mean for a site offering a deal of this magnitude, verification of identity should be their topmost priorities.

That shows that they don’t give a hoot about who you are, they only want to use you as a means to an end.


No concrete Joomta proof of payment

Though they claimed to have paid people in December, January, and February there seemed to be no any evidence of payment, screenshots or whatever.

All the did on the site is generating a fake list of people who they claimed were paid previously. No contact information at least one would have tried establishing contact with any of the beneficiaries to ascertain the authenticity of the scheme.


More to that, upon how popular this program has gotten over the past few days, I have not seen anybody that has admitted to having received payment.


All are hearsay.


Registration is free for Joomta

This is another aspect that confirms to me that there is something wrong with this Joomta project.


With my many years of experience in the online making money business, I know that it is not feasible for a refer and earn program of this nature to start up without requiring any form of an initial registration fee.

They claim they make money from Pop Ads but the push notification advert that pops up cannot pay one-third of the people joining the program.


Since they are not asking you for any money, all they need is your effort in getting more referrals who will also rake in tons of referrals and their ads are being clicked by you and the people you refer in the process.

If you get to the threshold, all the will do is wipe your account and you can not do anything about it.


The Website Owner’s Data is hidden

A check on the online business scam review website scamadviser has also shown that the persons that registered the site hide their identity so that the public can not recognize them.


In addition to that, the site failed woefully on the vital requirements.

See photo below…

The site is not designed to stay for a long time

Apart from the registration, information on the site, the site is just empty and can not be compared to other refer and earn sites like and lots of them out there.