These Blog Money Making Ideas Are Best For Nigerians 2019

These Blog Money Making Ideas Are Best For Nigerians 2019

Blog Money Making Ideas

Blog Money Making Ideas For Nigerians 2019

A lot has changed over the years in the blogosphere. Some years back, the competition was a lot lesser than what we have now which directly means getting seen was relatively easier.

The more eyes get to see your blog the more money one can make.

Making money from blogging (especially a new blog) requires a lot of things to be put in place and most importantly consistency. From setting up proper SEO to paid advertisements and to using social media, it can only widen.

Nigerian bloggers from my experience have unique challenges or may have similar challenges with bloggers in countries around this region.

So to make money from your blog you have to be able to put in the extra work and also apply some blog money making strategies.

We must know that given some factors like the exchange rate of Naira to Dollars and power, new blogger even old ones may not be able to compete with bloggers from other places.

After starting a blog at some point we all think about making money from it or maybe making more money from our content and some times it’s very difficult to even more so for a new blogger.

So, in this article I am going to write about avenues money could be made from a blog and what to expect in reality.

1) Through advertisement network:

When considering ad networks for our blog,  the first name that comes to mind is Google Adsense. They are the best, they pay more than any other ad network.

Unfortunately, not every blog gets approval. If this happens, you’re left with many other options, many other ad networks. I would like to tell you a name that even comes close to Google Adsense but sorry, there is none. It is Google Adsense and the rest.

Well, money can still be made from other ad networks and even making money with Adsense, don’t expect an easy ride. You have to work to get traffic.

For beginners and even expert bloggers, Propeller Ads has proven to be one of the best Adsense alternatives.

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Traffic from African countries won’t give you any earnings. So, now you don’t just need traffic to earn but quality traffic from tier 1 countries (USA, UK, Canada etc.)

However, if you get it right with ad networks it will be worth your hard work.

2) Through Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an art of helping companies sell their products and get paid a percentage called Commission.

Simple, right? Yes, simple concept but not as simple getting it done except one follows a strategy.

It requires a working strategy, one that catches potential buyers attention and makes them finally pay for it. Also, note that a strategy that works for a particular product might not work for other products.

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There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, and hey, joining most of them is as easy as simply signing up and waiting for approval which is almost always positive.

3) Sell Your Product:

This another blog money making strategy that has proven to be one of the best and most easy ways to make money from your online content.

Doing this successfully will require a lot of eyes and most importantly, the blog must be targetted on a topic hence niche blogs. This will mean that any visitor on the blog is interested in the topic and would likely want to increase his/her knowledge.

It could be a physical product like accessories or digital products like e-book, audio, and videos.

4) Sponsored Reviews:

Lastly, on our list is publishing sponsored reviews on your blog. Some companies when they have products to promote to the public, they simply reach to blogs that fall under the niche.

You may be asked to write the review or an already written review can be submitted to you. In any case, you will be paid to publish it.

Don’t expect this kind of offer if your blog is still new and relatively not so popular as you are not expected to have enough audience for such promotions.


There is a lot of other blog money making ideas that can be utilized but these few I have shared are the best and work well for bloggers in Nigeria.