Guide To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

Guide To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

Guide To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing to so many is one of the well-known ways of making money online. It doesn’t really require much getting started and not a difficult concept to understand.

The tricky part is actually making money as an affiliate marketer.

First, let’s know what affiliate marketing is.


Affiliate marketing is simply the process of helping businesses or companies sell their products while being paid commission by the company.

A lot goes into the process of making sure that the product your promoting reaches the right audience.

Another important thing is being able to convince people that yes the products are what they need and what they should buy.


1) LITTLE STARTUP COST: Taking into account the cost required to set up a blog, assuming you want to use a blog to promote the products. It is quite cheap, with a few dollars you can get your blog running. Joining affiliate programs is free, you don’t have to pay a penny and the registration only takes a few minutes.

2) EASY TO EARN: Earning as an affiliate marketer is relatively easier compared to earning through other avenues like using ad networks. Unlike using ad networks, affiliate network does not require a lot of traffic (people seeing or engaging with your adverts). You can earn commission even with a very small amount of exposure as when a person buys you are being paid.

3) WIDE OPTIONS: You are open to choose from a wide range of affiliate programs on any niche. This is really a plus as you can test which one works well for your type of product and you can use it to maximize profit.


Now, let’s look at various ways an affiliate marketer in Nigeria can promote products online.

1) By Blog.

2) By Forum

3) On Social Media.


1) By  Blog: I will presume you know what a blog is, if you don’t, you can google it. A sure way of making money through affiliate marketing is through turning your blog readers into buyers of your affiliated product.

It is not just going to happen. You have to do something like writing about the product you wish to promote.

One mistake bloggers usually do when promoting products is by just using banners that carries a message about their product.

Well, this can work too but won’t convert much as when one will write about the product in details and also give reasons to potential buyers to go for the product.

2)By Forum: Posting on forums works. But you have to be careful how you go about it lest members find it annoying.

On any product you wish to promote, you should be able to answer some questions surrounding it. Then you can simply drop your affiliate link once in a while. Don’t make it look spammy.

Another thing is, the group should be related to the product you wish to promote. This will make sure you reach potential buyers.

3) Using Social Media: Social media can give a lot of audiences being a group or page or a personal profile.

As already mentioned, find a group related to a product you want to promote. Try to avoid spamming as that can get you kicked out by the admin.



1) Get The Knowledge: Get enough knowledge about the product you are promoting. This will help you answer questions related to the product and help in convincing potential buyers.

2) Learn From Others: Hardly will you find a product worthy of promoting that you will not find a promoter on the internet. You can go close, understand the strategy the promoter is using and copy a thing or two to apply in your strategy.

3) Product Quality: Some products have a good reputation already. So, convincing people to go for it won’t be a difficult task. This will make you make more sales easily.